PlayGym is a great introduction to gymnastics in a fun and safe environment.

Our gymnastics PlayGym program caters to children aged 9 months to 5 years, allowing participants of all abilities to develop new skills which can be transferred into their everyday lives.

PlayGym runs at North Melbourne Community Centre every Friday. This parent assisted program is designed to provide new experiences for you and your child, while enhancing your young one's gross and fine motor skills. There are activities set up each week to challenge and excite the little ones, with the main emphasis on fun and participation. This is a child led and adult assisted class, both of you working together to tackle the beam or learn to jump on the trampoline.

Classes run on Fridays:

  • 10am - 10:45am

  • 11am - 11:45am

Cost: $6.90 per child (supervising adults are not charged).

Please note: an adult may bring more than one child, provided the adult can supervise and assist children safely.